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Dr. Faith Flatt- an inside look

Dr. Faith Madeline Flatt is a licensed and experienced naturopathic doctor, practicing in the Dufferin and Wellington County community for over 9 years. From experience, she knows that anyone’s health can be improved upon, including those who have only been accessing conventional medical care. She is committed to building healthy families, one patient at a time. Her passion for truly sustainable family life, nature cure, and attachment parenting are the tenets of her practice, as they are the measures she holds dear herself. Her area of expertise starts at fertility and continues through childhood and motherhood.

Her ability to meet any patient where they are at and create a peaceful, safe space for healing are the qualities she is known and respected for. She values intuition in herself and her patients and allows space for this guiding sense as she works with patients on their path to well being, inviting truly authentic healing experiences. 

Faith feels a special kinship with botanical medicines as they are knowingly placed around us with powerful gifts to improve our health.   She uses acupuncture to help restore vitality to her patients lives. Nutrition is important to Dr. Flatt’s therapeutic approach and supplements are valued for their supporting role, as she aims to reconnect her patients with the nourishment that real food can provide. Faith is committed to helping patients restore balance in their lives, which once achieved, can radiate into family life, career and ultimately their community.  “When we feel good it affects others and so the ripple continues”.

As a mother of three beautiful, wild boys, she practices the art and science of conscious and attachment parenting and brings this happily into her practice.  She holds a special place in the hearts of parents who value her experience in treating acute childhood infection as well as offering unbiased support for those who want to make informed decisions about what’s best for their families.

When she isn’t practicing naturopathic medicine, Faith loves being home with her boys. She loves to dance, being a founding member of Equilibrium Dance Collective in Orangeville, who

perform an annual fall show. She is also a founding member of Coyote Club, a nature connection program for young people in Orangeville and you can find her and her group on weekly adventures, tracking the seasons and practicing her crow call. Faith and her husband Adam, have a growing sense of responsibility to raising healthy children who are connected to nature and their village. Faith brings a wealth of knowledge and support to all her patients, grown and small.

Below are some of Dr. Flatt’s naturopathic programs to encourage long-term connection and quality medical support with a qualified and trusted naturopathic care.

1. Well Mother and Child checks

2. Acupuncture for better birth

3. Doula program (covered by extended insurance)

4. Naturopathic Labor Induction

5. Healthy Pregnancy Care

6. Getting pregnant…when your having troubles

7. Healthy Infant and Parent Sleep…this is NOT SLEEP


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