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a soft place to land

A soft place to land

The 1950s was famous for articles in woman’s magazines about how to receive your man at the end of the day….play relaxing music, dress beautifully, have your kids cleaned up and quiet, be able to give him your full attention, prepare an appetizer or aperitif ….invite your man to come home to a place of peace after a long day of work. The feminists revolted against this patriarchial notion…..but if you view it through a neutral lens you can glean what the underlying idea was. Restorative medicine for a hard days work. We all know what society expects of us everyday , what we take for granted is each individuals ability to rise to the occasion. Children especially are vulnerable to the days dealings…..they can feel like a wrung out sponge by the time you get them home, they have nothing left to clean up their “spilt milk” so their tears just overflow with no dam to hold them back. This is a difficult time for most parents because your dam is near breaking, from a day of steadying yourself against the rise and fall of your own tides.

This is where you all need a soft place to land….you and your children need time, space and touch to refill your well. A time where emotions can flow into loving arms, no demands are placed upon you, you pay attention to feel good things, you nourish yourself, time is not in short supply here……just BE with eachother. The important part to remember is that with small children you ARE the soft place to land! So you make time for your own soft landing before they need theirs!!!

I leave you with this question…..During the ups and downs of your day, what could you do to FEEL good? Ok…..take your time…it might have been so long since you allowed yourself anything that your not even sure what feels good anymore! That’s Ok…..for you even giving yourself the time and space to ponder this question is a soft place to land!

Go with the Flow

Dr. Faith Flatt ND

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