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Healthy Fertility Program

"Our greatest blessings call us mother."  Once you experience this pure love, you know that your life is forever altered as you enjoy the bond of infinite love.


Dreaming about starting a family? Dr. Flatt’s naturopathic program for healthy fertility gives you the best start possible for a healthy pregnancy, delivery and beyond for you and your baby. 

Once you decide you are ready to start a family, you are so eager to become pregnant that you can't imagine postponing even a few months. But, you can give a gift to both yourself and your future child to take this time to create an optimal healthy environment within, as it is an opportunity to give your child a safe and vital place to grow! The vitality of both a man's and woman's body before conception has far reaching effects on the child to be, as does the way we treat our bodies during pregnancy and afterwards.

Furthermore, various statistics point to infertility rates between 20-40% and this rate has doubled within the last 20 years in North America. If we remember our history lessons, we know that the human condition has been subject to war, famine, and many other less than ideal environments that can impair the body’s ability to function optimally. Yet it is only in the last few decades where men and women who want to start families are forced to deal with the reality that they may not get the chance. Imagine, in this day and age where supplements avail, food is plentiful and reproductive technology is advanced, our environment and modern lifestyle is taking its toll on your reproductive ability.

Dr. Flatt can work with you to ensure that you have optimal health to conceive, carry and deliver a healthy baby!

Getting the best start for pregnancy can be as easy as visiting Collective Health Clinic. There, you can receive the support you need to begin, or continue your journey. While we have a range of options to suit you, we have decided to offer a full fertility program!

Furthermore, sometimes it's difficult to conceive and naturopathic medicine can help couples who have diagnosed or unexplained fertility issues.  This program can be tailored to support IVF treatments, as naturopathic therapies have been shown to increase IVF success! Many areas of your health are overlooked when fertility is explored through conventional techniques so don’t be discouraged! You may still be able to enjoy a healthy pregnancy and new baby!

Our program can  support your goals, whether this is your first time trying to conceive or if you have tried before. Especially if you:

  • Are committed to taking time to create a healthy space for pregnancy and a new baby!

  • Love to learn.

  • Value whole health – body, mind and spirit.

  • Believe in assuming responsibility for you own wellness and self-care.

  • Are willing to invest in your self and your future family

Healthy Fertility program goals include:

  • Body detoxification. And healthy body composition

  • Create reproductive vitality for optimal conception.

  • Improve immune function for healthy gestation.

  • Improve maternal and paternal health to avoid disease in pregnancy and infants.

  • Relieve stress and teach stress management strategies.

  • Increase and maintain steady energy levels

  • Promote healthy rest and physical activity levels.

  • Encourage, Educate, Empower.

*Treatment plans are tailored to your specific health requirements and life circumstances.
We can help you with your dream of starting a family with, safe, effective care often with earlier success than if you did it alone!

What To Expect - Program Logistics:

Your Healthy Fertility Program consists of eight to twelve weeks of naturopathic visits.

  • Length: 1-1.5 hours

  • Includes a thorough health history, physical exam and lab assessment.

  • At this visit you and your ND will discover key issues regarding your present health.

  • You will be sent home with a detoxification and replenishment strategy individualized to your needs. This will be monitored and built upon at every visit. You will also receive a Healthy Fertility Education Package


  • The following seven sessions will involve intensive, safe, effective natural treatments designed to support you physically, energetically and emotionally.

  • Length of visits range from 30 minutes to 45mins.

  • Scheduled every week or bi-weekly depending on your needs and life circumstances.

  • These sessions primarily involve acupuncture treatments and individual naturopathic modalities to help your body detoxify, reduce stress, promote quality sleep, improve metabolism, balance hormones and improve reproductive health and strengthen the immune system.

  • Your ND will also prescribe natural supplements, herbal or homeopathic medicines to aid in these functions and promote optimal health. book your initial consult now

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