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Mother Breastfeeding Baby


Is breastfeeding feeling completely overwhelming? questions about latch, weight or pain? I can come to you to help get you on the right path. Covered by extended health care. Book your  breastfeeding home visit today by clicking below

Sleeping Siblings

Sleep ...naturally

knowledge is power!

This is not sleep training people, this is science and well being!

are you worried about your babies sleep and your own? Have you been warned about how hard this period is or how you should create an independent baby? do you feel that is insane but are afraid if you follow natures way your child will sleep with you until college. YOU need a certified sleep educator.  I will come to you and its covered by extended health benefits for naturopathic care. You can book your sleep strategy consult below


Well checks

get on board for monthly well checks so you can be knowledgeable about the needs of your child from diet to flu, development to behaviour. Its covered under extended health benefits for naturopathic care. Book your mother and child care visit today

Be an awesome mom

Discover your village and the support and clarity you are dreaming off while raising a healthy and happy family

Mom to 1 program is for you if:


 you feel lost or overwhelmed at the enormity of your new position as mother

 you feel enormous pressure and stress to “get it right” with your baby

 you feel vulnerable to everyone’s conflicting advice about babies and parenting?


Motherhood opens a door to an experience of love and fear you never fathomed before.  But you are a woman and inside of you is all you need to raise your child, when you find your village to support you


This program is for you if:

There’s a small voice inside of you that wants to go with your gut and forget what everyone else is telling you to do.

 your exhausted, stressed and feeling guilty about this not being the experience you dreamed about?

 you like to solve problems by googling but are not finding the answers you are looking for and instead find ads that prey on you to buy sleep packages?


 you find yourself always going to your device to look up why our Baby sleeps, naps, cries, fusses, poops, spits up the way they do?




IMAGINE……..feeling confident that you know what is best for your child…….IMAGINE…if you could experience the pure joy that comes with feeling totally connected to your baby…IMAGINE……

EVEN ….if you didn’t have the best upbringing, EVEN ….if you are addicted to google and EVEN….if you always solve problems by intervention and research.



If so….Come to connect with Dr. Faith Flatt, Naturopathic Doctor and mother of three wild boys! She will champion you to ……..



Be an Awesome Mother


M monumental responsibility

O observer of intuitive guidance

T teacher of life’s most important lessons

H holder of life’s greatest joys and pains

E evolver of health and happiness of family

R role model to your child for following their own path….the path that makes them happy





Mom to 1 Program

Newborn Well Child

  • Normal reflexes and development

  • How far your baby can see

  • Tricks for initiating breastfeeding

  • What to expect for diaper changes in the first week of life

  • When to introduce a bottle or pacifier

  • Safe sleep practices, and how to reduce your child’s risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome

  • The science of sleep

  • Normal/average awake time for newborns

  • General safety tips

  • Tips for new Moms and Dads including advice on Baby Blues, Postpartum Depression, and how to take care of yourself!

  • Information about when to expect growth spurts, Wonder Weeks™, average weight gain and upcoming developmental milestones between newborn and 2 months.*

  • Creating your safety circle

  • Infant Gut Health

 1-2 Month

  • Normal development at two months

  • What your baby can see! (Shapes, colors, etc.)

  • Tricks for maintaining good breastmilk supply

  • Normal sleep patterns for a breastfed baby, nighttime wakings   

  • Safety tips

  • Baby carrier safety

  • How often to expect diaper changes

  • Tricks for baby colds and congestion

  • Colic

  • Tips for Moms and Dads including advice on fatigue and Postpartum Depression.

  • Vaccines – which vaccines are typically recommended at the 2 month visit, what are common “reactions” to vaccines, comfort strategies and what NOT to do after immunizations.

3- 4 Month

  • Normal development at four months

  • Tricks for nursing your baby

  • Solid food introductions and how to reduce your child’s risk of food allergies.

  • Teething tricks and tips – and what NOT to do!

  • Sleep, sleep training, and why you should wait to sleep train until your baby can play “Peekaboo!”

  • Safety tips

  • How to manage a fever naturally

  • Tips for Moms and Dads including advice on fatigue and Postpartum Depression.

  • Vaccines – which vaccines are typically recommended at the 4 month visit, what are common “reactions” to vaccines, comfort strategies and what NOT to do after immunizations.

5- 6 Month

  • Normal development at six months

  • Solid food introductions: signs your baby is ready for solid foods, great first foods, how to start Baby Led Weaning, the importance of iron-containing foods, how to detect a food sensitivity, and foods NOT to give babies.  We have included a number of food charts with examples of great “first” foods,  “next” foods and iron-containing foods.

  • Sleep: average awake time, number of naps, bedtime routines and more.

  • Safety tips: there are lots of them for babies who will shortly be on the move!

  • Vaccines – which vaccines are typically recommended at the 6 month visit.

  • What to expect between 6 and 9 months.

 7-9 month

  • Normal development at nine months, including a handy chart that shows the average age and age range for a number of developmental milestones (like crawling, pulling to stand, walking).

  • When to be concerned about your child’s development.

  • Diet: transitioning to more solid foods, drinking from a cup, choking hazards, iron-containing foods and more.

  • Normal sleep at nine months: average awake time, sleeping through the night, resisting sleep, and more.

  • What parents may be feeling, taking time for yourself, how to take care of yourself.

  • Social considerations: separation anxiety, sibling rivalry, establishing the framework for discipline.

  • Safety tips: Poison Control Center, safe sunscreens, and many more safety tips.

  • What to expect from your baby between 9 and 12 months.

10- 12 Month

  • Normal development at twelve months

  • Visual development

  • Social development, how to support your child’s developing independence, and how to deal with tantrums

  • Language development, how to encourage your child to communicate their needs, how to NOT speak to your child (common things that parents do that impede language development)

  • When to be concerned

  • Dietary advice, including cow’s milk introductions (or alternate milks), preventing obesity, toddler appetites, how often your child should be eating

  • Diapers and when to toilet train (hint: not yet!)

  • Sleep, and how to help with the 2 to 1 nap transition

  • Screen time

  • Safety and general health tips

  • Information about vaccines, including live virus vaccines like MMR and Varicella.

Visits are for mom and babe and last 45 minutes. They can be billed under mom, babe or half and half for your convenience.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. This information is provided for informational purposes only and is not medical advice.  

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