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Dr. Faith Flatt, ND

My Story

First I am a mother to three scallywag boys who are growing up to make the world a better place and second I am  a naturopathic doctor. Its my life's work to support the healthy and happy growth of family and to be a trusted member of your village.

I am here to help you through sickness and difficult times and I am to support you in trusting your gut and following your dreams, as a woman, a mother, a creator of awesome!

I am a bridge to enable parents to really enjoy parenthood by helping you understand whats really going on with your children's health and wellbeing . I provide naturopathic
care in a way that honours your needs. If that means home visits or phone worries! If that means coming to my office and feeling comfortable bringing your scaliwags then I'll see you here.

I've walked the lonely path as a mother who didn't resonate with our cultural values of motherhood and its disrespect of children's developmental abilities and needs. I kept looking for answers on line but only found worst case scenarios and  people preying on mothers in a vulnerable state. But you are better off, because you have found me.  A safe  place to have your health needs met. I am Dr. Faith Flatt ND, Mother, Doula, lactation support, sleep expert. 

you have found your village.

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